Founder, Farmville

Grew Farmville to $3B in revenue.

Founder, Demand Curve

Growth advisor to Segment, YC batches.

Founder, TrendMD

Ran four micro-seed funds with a 21x return.

Growth Team

Our growth team assesses our founders' analytics, ad dashboards, roadmaps, and strategy docs to get them past growth bottlenecks.

Guillaume Cabane

VP of Growth, Segment, Drift

Grew Segment to $3.2B and Drift to $500MM.

Nir Eyal

Behavioral Psychology Expert

Investor in Eventbrite, Canva, Kahoot!

Courtland Allen

Founder, Indie Hackers

Created the world's largest MVP community.


How does your growth expertise benefit my startup?

We get tactical. We use screenshared calls to explore your metrics, bottlenecks, and strategy. We pair that advice with an in-house team of expert growth marketers who are available to optimize every aspect of your growth marketing and retention.

Throughout, we teach you to think in growth models and to make data-driven decisions. We don't just do the work for you, we also educate you.

We also help recruit senior growth talent who we've vetted and reference-checked. Through Demand Curve, we have access tothe largest pool of senior startup marketers in North America.

How much time do you put into my startup?

Our growth team and services can scale to dozens of hours per month per startup —depending on their needs. We'll help you hire vetted growth marketers, contractors, or agencies to fill gaps we can't cover.

Ultimately, we're not here to grow your company ourselves. We're here to show you how to successfully grow it yourself.

What type of startups do you invest in?

We invest in a wide variety of business models and verticals. If your company is suitable for growth marketing, we are interested in chatting.

Companies that may not be a fit are those that sell to very few customers, such as hospitals, governments, and niche institutions. If you're unsure if we're a fit, reach out.

As for company stage, we lead pre-seed and seed rounds. (Pre-seed: Just an idea or an MVP. Seed: You have traction in the form of users or revenue.)

How long do you take to make an investment decision?

We move faster and more transparently than most investors. If we're a no, we'll tell you expediently and decisively.

Do you have founders I can reference check with?

If we make an offer and you'd like to talk to our portfolio first, we look forward to introducing you to them.

We're accessible.